Employee Spotlight-Tom Young

We sit down with Tom to give our fans some insight into his work here along with some personal tidbits.

What is your position? Describe a typical day.

Lead press operator. A typical day for me here at Wes and Willy is hustle, hustle, hustle! From the time of clock in until the time of clock out they keep em pretty busy here, but I'm okay with that. In this day and age I'm just thankful to have a job.

What is your favorite memory at Wes and Willy?

My favorite memory is when we hired my son and gave him his first real summer job. Nothing like watching your son follow in your footsteps.

Tell us an interesting thing about yourself.

Something interesting about myself...you will never see me without socks on my feet!! Unless I'm in the shower or in the pool. I even sleep with my socks on. My feet get too cold if I don't have socks on.

If you could have lunch with any 1 person who and why?

I would love to have lunch with Dog the Bounty Hunter. I believe he has good morals and good family values. And he always believes in giving people second chances.

What do you wish Wes and Willy made for adults?

Pajamas. Definitely pajamas. The garments here are so soft. I would definitely buy some for myself if they had my size.